Crypt Monkey Studios
About Crypt Monkey Studios
What We Do
Crypt Monkey Studios is a publisher of roleplaying games, primer games, and card games with themes of dark fantasy and comedy.
How We Do It
We create games that are intuitive and easy to play but dynamic enough to allow for individual strategies and playstyles. We think the fun should be in playing the game, not Googling (or DuckDuckGoing if you prefer) every phase, move, or action you want to take!
When We Do It
Our promise to you, beyond creating games that are easy to understand and play, is to always have a story. We'll begin the story process before release and keep it going long after the game hits the shelves.
Why We Do It
We craft games that are easy to navigate and always wrapped in a colorful story, so players can be more immersed in the world while developing their own playstyle. In other words, we get in the way of your game as little as possible!

"We are creating some truly fun and creepy settings here at Crypt Monkey Studios. It's really exciting to be a part of crafting these worlds. And the reactions of gamers as they encounter something new and unexpected is incredibly satisfying!"
- Ty Rucker
Crypt Monkey Studios VP and Game Designer
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