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CryptMonkey Studios FAQ
  • WTF is Crypt Monkey Games? What are you making?
    • Crypt Monkey Games is the home of our games! Here we provide information for our games at Crypt Monkey Studios. We are currently working on an apocalyptic vision of the near future where horrors await you around every street corner and behind each building you pass! I wish we could say more but for now, that's what we're doing!

  • You keep talking about this Burst Game System. What is that?
    • We can't give a whole lot of specifics right now but basically, the Burst Game System is our largest ongoing project and will be the framework for all of our role playing games.

      The main guiding principal behind the design of the Burst Game System is that, when your character successfully "does" something, there should be more possible outcomes than what was simply intended. We all know that life is full of possibilities. And we think our RP characters should be able to be surprised by the outcome of their actions, just like we can in real life!

  • What are these Scraps that popup on the side of your pages?
    • One thing that all of our games have in common is that they are wrapped in a story. Scraps are just one unique tool that Crypt Monkey Studios uses to tell those stories! Click on a Scrap from the sidebar to read the entire Scrap and to find more Scraps.

House of Possession FAQ
  • What is it?
    • House of Possession is a great primer card game to play while you wait for everyone to get to the party! And then play some more after they arrive!

Jack the Ripper FAQ
  • When can we play this?
    • We are currently looking forward to a Summer 2016 release for Jack the Ripper!

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