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House of Possession
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Brand New Primer Game
House of Possession is a new Crypt Monkey Studios primer game. This is a fast paced card game that pits players against each other as they race to be the first to exit a house infested with demons. While players fight to get out, the demons fight just as hard to keep them in.

The Battle for Survival
As the adage goes: I don’t have to be faster than the bear, I just have to be faster than you. Players may find it advantageous at times to trip up their opponents in order to get ahead. Often your opponents will see exactly what you have done to them but sometimes you can blame the game, “Ah, sorry. The Devil made me do it.” After all, only one player can escape to claim victory in House of Possession.

Possession Events
Events take place throughout the game that stretch hallways and lock doors before players. Sometimes this might be just what you need to get out in front of the pack. Other times, you’re the one left screaming before an unyielding doorway. Or worse, you might be lost and taken over by demonic possession, with no control over your own faculties. In any case, these events are ultimately controlled by the demons. Can you outwit them at their own game?

That’s the name of the game! Well actually it’s House of Possession, or HoP for short. But you get the point. Find the right pathway out and use special tools along the way to help you. If you can be the first to escape the house, you’ll win your life. Second place gets the same prize as last, an eternity of being the food and playthings of demons.

More Information
We hope you’ll enjoy this fun and action packed primer-card game. Be sure to check out our lead-in to the House of Possession back-story and watch for new Scraps about HoP to pop up from time to time. We also hope you’ll follow the HoP Blog as we work towards release.

If you have any questions about House of Possession, please visit our FAQ section to ask us. Or for other questions and comments, visit our Contact Us form.
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