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House of Possession - How To Get It!
Current Game Development Progress
House of Possession is Coming Soon!
When we began the process of launching Jack the Ripper, it slowed the progress of House of Possession. On top of that, Con Season took every other moment we had available. And Con season was great, you guys were just as excited about Jack the Ripper as we have been, and you made our tournaments at Gen Con and other conventions a load of fun.
Even with the slow down and all the attention paid to Jack the Ripper, we never completely stopped working on HoP. And in the last few months we have accelerated our work and grown the team.
In early 2018, we are happy to announce that House of Possession will be coming to KICKSTARTER! We are excited to finally be able to share more with you Watch this page for more information soon. You can also join our Newsletter mailing list if you want to be notified right away when the KICKSTARTER is live.
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