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These Scraps are mini-stories that let you delve deeper into the world of HoP. You may find it helpful to read the HoP Lead-In before reading the Scraps as we often build on the original Lead-In story.
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| Ty Rucker |
Green with Grey Flecks
Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
The door was only about six feet away. I lunged for the doorknob and heard the wet, sloppy sound of the lobster man's lazy foot sliding into the room. I remember thinking, if the creature is in the room with me, I am done. He would have me.

I instantly pushed that thought from my mind and made the final reach for the doorknob. It seemed ...
Character Author: Mark Vinter
What To Do?
Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
The old man craned his neck sharply and began breathing rapidly, his chest rising and falling with each breath. He must have caught wind of new prey when he sniffed the air because he turned his body square in the direction of Blair. He had a cane that she hadn't noticed before and he pounded it into the floor hard as he faced her.

The t ...
Character Author: Blair Rothe
What a Crappy Day
Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
"I wish I hadn't slipped off my shoes." Blair Rothe thought to herself, not for the last time, as she stood frozen in the middle of hallway. She looked down at her feet and wiggled her bare toes in the shaggy red carpet. The bottoms and edges of her feet had already began to stain with the ashy dirt from the observation deck outside. "And they'll b ...
Character Author: Blair Rothe
After Me
Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
Lobster Man stared back at me with his dull black eyes. His expression seemed questioning, curious. I can only guess that he wondered why I didn't jerk my head back from the keyhole when he looked up. I wonder about that myself now but I can tell you that it must have been a mixture of shock and horror. First to see this hideous creature and then, ...
Character Author: Mark Vinter
First Through the Door
Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
After chaos broke out on the roof, I ran straight for the entrance. As I ran, the same three things raced through my mind over and over again: This is crazy! - What are those things? - How could Brett do this to us?

Rushing through the third floor hallway, it occurred to me that it was taking an awful long time to ge ...
Character Author: Mark Vinter Est. 2014
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