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House of Possession - Lead-In
Get Out of The House!
As with many stories that end in terror and screaming, this story begins with a calm and relaxing dinner on the estate of a close friend.

Dinner has been set on the rooftop observation deck of your friend's Victorian family estate. After dinner, the plan is to enjoy wine and conversation under the stars but shortly after the last glass of wine is poured, your host, Brett Caldwell, breaks in with an announcement.

"Everyone, if I may have your attention please. Thank you all for coming, we are quite glad to have you."

As Brett continues, you note a glint of malicious glee in his eyes. His behavior and mannerisms are strikingly odd and out of character for the man. Usually reserved and shy, you don't think you've ever seen him give a speech or announcement before.

"Now, please, listen well as I explain the next event, and I'll only explain once." Brett, nearly bursting with joy, continues as if reciting a poem.

"It's time for the game to begin. I am sad to say, this is a game not for you but for us, you see. When we start up you'll find out, as you start to bleed. Find all the exits that you'll need to get out, you'll have to run but don't scream, cry, or pout. If you can make it past the edge of the estate, uh that's the edge, past the gate, you'll find we're quite willing to let you evacuate. There's just one more thing I know you won't like, only one of you may leave. I hope you're ready to fight!"

As Brett finishes his strange announcement, you hear others ask him what he's talking about.

"That is the most disturbing Dr. Seuss rhyme I have ever heard, Brett. W-T-F, man?" asks Mark Vinter.

Then Alice Shumate asks, "Why are you talking like that? Seriously, Brett, that was macabre."

But the glee is gone from Brett's eyes. He stares blankly back at the others crowding around him. "Huh? What? How did we get up here?"

"What is that?" You hear someone whisper. "Up there beside the chimney. What on earth is that?"

You look up to massive chimney to spot what people are pointing at but the light is fading, the sun nearly set. It seems to be a man leaning out and peering at the party from behind the chimney, only his head is very large and isn't the right shape. The man's eyes cast a strange green light too, like a cats eyes in the moonlight.

As the party grows silent, staring at the stranger on the roof, a woman's scream pierces the night. You look behind the party where the scream emanated from. Your eye catches a small, gray form with large, bat shaped ears and a short tail. It is dragging Elizabeth Monty through the door across the deck from you. As the door slams behind them, you are shocked that this small creature, no more than four feet tall, just pulled a fully grown woman over thirty feet across the deck kicking and screaming. And it did so with the speed of an Olympic track star.

Maxwell Fitzgerald pushes through the crowd and says to you, "Come on! We have to get Elizabeth!" As you take a step to follow Maxwell, things start to get really bad.

Many people are screaming now, the terror and confusion is building as the partygoers begin to bunch together in the middle of the large rooftop observation deck. The strange man that had been watching the party from near the chimney leaps from the roof's peak all the way down to the deck. Its large, clawed feet pound the floor with a crashing thud that sends splinters of wood exploding through the air.

The guests near this creature howl in terror as it stands to its full height, something more than eight feet tall. The large, blueish creature cocks its strange, bulbous head to one side like a dog listening to a peculiar sound. Then he reaches one long, sinewy arm out and palms Gregory Heckles around the waste like a basketball. With the other hand, the thing reaches up to the edge of the roof and pulls both itself and Gregory up like a Chimpanzee climbing a tree, gangly, effortless, and oblivious to Gregory Heckles' fists pounding furiously at its forearm.

Cries of fear and pain intensify as odd creatures appear in various locations on the deck, snatching guests and moving with frightening speed. Forgetting Elizabeth Monty, you rush towards the large double doors leading back into the house. As the others scramble to do the same, you can hear the pounding of your own heart nearly as loud as the chaos raging around you.

Right in front of you, Jenny Mathews is pulled from her feet and dragged towards the far edge of the deck, screaming. You see her curly red hair and bright blue eyes in stark contrast against the beast that pulls her away, its skin hairless, black and oily, its eyes a sickly purple. But by pulling her from your path, the beast has allowed you to breach the door and enter the house.

You sense that you aren't safe yet but now there's a chance, whereas on the roof there was none. The horror is just beginning as you run through the house in search of the exit that will save your life. But will you even make it off of the third floor?
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