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Jack the Ripper - Credits
The Creators
  • Anthony Morris - Game Designer
  • John Watson - Game Designer
  • James Paul Gaugh - Game Designer
  • Ty Rucker - Concept Creator and Game Designer
  • Dawn Rucker - Artwork
Credit Where Credit Is Due!
Testing Jack the Ripper has been an amazing adventure and we'd like to mention some of the adventurers that joined us along the way!
The people listed here were a great help to us in alpha testing and early beta testing. Please consider their names permanently etched into the walls of that dark and dank warehouse as you fight to survive Jack the Ripper.
  • Jonas Gaugh
  • Izzy Rucker
  • Kora Rucker
  • Cathy Lugger
  • Angie Shaw
  • Aaron Johnson
  • Jeff Monahan
  • Annie Van Dielen
  • Drew Riassetto
  • Melissa Cragin
  • George Cragin
  • John Cragin
  • Jason Zajdel
  • Meghan Zajdel
  • Eli Burrow
  • Sky Randall
  • James Helton
SporeCon 2015
Here's a few of the folks listed above that were at SporeCon 2015. They are playing an early beta version of Jack the Ripper here.
SporeCon is a group friends that get together once a year from all over the country to play games and party. They are also one of the first groups to put Jack the Ripper through its paces. Thanks Guys!
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