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Jack the Ripper Rules
Free Download: Standard Rules
This download of the Standard Rules is available in case you lose the rule book that came with your set.

Free Download: Panic Play Rules
The Panic Play rule set is an alternative way of playing Jack the Ripper that's just as fun and fast as the Standard rule set. And you can download it free!
  • 2-5 Players
  • All vs All Battle Royal!
  • Uses a Character Pool
  • Last Player Standing Wins!
House Rules Suggestions
Do you have your own Jack the Ripper House Rules? We'd love to hear about them! Tweet or Facebook us your House Rule ideas.

A Scream in the Night
House Rule
Whenever Jack the Ripper's player is forced to reveal his or her Character Card against their will, a Ripper Event occurs immediately. This is only when the player is forced to reveal, not when they have chosen to reveal themselves.
For example, if Jack the Ripper's player uses Hypodermic Needle on his or herself, this will NOT cause a Ripper Event. If Jack the Ripper's player decides to reveal his or her Character Card in order to take advantage of a Ripper Event that uses the “Jack the Ripper may reveal himself to…”, this will NOT cause a Ripper Event.
However, if for example, another player targets Jack the Ripper's player with Hypodermic Needle, this WILL cause a Ripper Event. Because, Jack the Ripper's player has no choice but to reveal in this situation.
Note that if Jack's player is forced to reveal and some other effect causes a Ripper Event, the House Rule still causes this additional event. For example, if Jack's player draws Pint of Irish Whiskey, this will cause a Ripper Event because Jack's player has no choice but to reveal his or her Character Card. Additionally, Pint of Irish Whiskey causes a Ripper Event whenever the revealed Character is Jack the Ripper. So this situation causes two Ripper Events to occur.
Because it's fun and you asked for more Ripper Events to occur! It makes Jack the Ripper way scarier and gives him more of a fighting chance when he is discovered. It definitely adds to the excitement!
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Something Moved in the Shadows!
House Rule
The first time a player is revealed to be Jack the Ripper, that player's life total is returned to full. A player may only do this once in a game. If another player's Character Card is switched and they become Jack the Ripper's new player, this new player may also return to full life the first time they are revealed to be Jack the Ripper. This is true even if another player was previously returned to full health.
Because it will hurt more! No seriously though, once Jack the Ripper has been revealed, it can be a struggle for Jack's player to come out on top. This can potentially make enough of a difference to even the odds, or at least give Jack's player another round or two to try and pull out a win.
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I Wish It Was Longer!
House Rule
Use the Optional Play side of the Life Counter cards provided in your deck to give a maximum of thirty (30) to your life pool.
In the standard Jack the Ripper ruleset, player life totals may not exceed fifteen (15). This helps to keep games short and challenging. However, this House Rule can provide longer games.
Note that longer games can also make things very difficult on Jack the Ripper. If you see this happen too much while honoring this House Rule, you may want to consider implementing the A Scream in the Night or Something Moved in the Shadows! House Rule as well to bolster Jack the Ripper and make it a little more challenging on the Scavenger Hunters.
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It's 5 O'clock Somewhere
House Rule
If you are initially dealt Pint of Irish Whiskey before anyone has taken their turn, draw another Item Card then shuffle Pint of Irish Whiskey back into the Item Deck.
Pint of Irish Whiskey is a great card to cause chaos and mayhem in your Jack the Ripper game. Nowhere is this more evident than at the beginning of the game, when you have been dealt Pint of Irish Whiskey before anyone has even taken a turn. Under the JtR standard rules, you immediately reveal your Character Card before anyone even takes a turn. If you are Jack the Ripper and this happens, you can potentially win the game right then and there depending on the Ripper Event that is drawn.
Now, we think this is a lot of fun and no big deal as far as play goes because set up is so fast and easy and games are intended to be short anyway. That being said, we know some of you would prefer this behavior never happen. So the It's 5 O'clock Somewhere House Rule may be just the right fit for you and your group.
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House Rule
No one may provide any hints whatsoever about their Character.
In the standard Jack the Ripper ruleset, players may talk about their characters all they like as long as they do not read or repeat the character description that is written on the card. Other than that, you can claim to be any character you like, it's up to the other players to decide if you are truly that character or Jack the Ripper trying to bluff his way out of a Scavenger Hunters beat-down.
Now we of course love this game dynamic. For us, this is where all the magic is as players attempt to outwit and out-bluff each other. That being said, this could be a good temporary house rule when you have new players. After three or four games, players have learned all of the characters in the game. After that, you may want to remove this house rule so everyone can enjoy the fun of bluffing.
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