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Jack the Ripper - How To Get It!
"Just got done playing this game, and if I never play it again, I still will have gotten twice my money's worth. It was fantastic." - Lex Pergerson (Kickstarter Backer)
Thank You Backers!
Backers from all over the world came together in August of 2016 to make Jack the Ripper a successful KICKSTARTER project. The JtR backers made the campaign a fun and exciting adventure for us here at Crypt Monkey Studios. The questions, comments, and suggestions we received were great and we used a lot of what people told us to improve the campaign as it progressed.
So thank you, backers, for your support and enthusiasm!
Jack the Ripper is not carried by your distributors at this time but you can Contact Us on our corporate site,, and leave us a message to find out about pricing and expected availability. We won’t be able to start shipping until we are nearly done fulfilling the recent KICKSTARTER pledge rewards.
As our retailer situation changes with regards to availability and distribution, we will continually update this information.
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