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These Scraps are mini-stories that let you step into the warehouse with Jack the Ripper. You may find it helpful to read the Jack the Ripper Lead-In before reading the Scraps as we will build on the original Lead-In story.
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| Ty Rucker |
Walter's Favorite People
Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
Standing in the large garden behind Edward Gorman's home, Walter Bennet tried with difficulty to control his facial expressions. As he scanned the partygoers, he could feel his lip curling in contempt. And based on some of their expressions, they were quite aware of his disapproval. He wanted to spit and shout when they looked back at him with thei ...
Character Author: Walter Bennet
The Invitation
Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
My dearest cousin Anne,

It has been too long and I cannot wait to see you next. I have been saving my earnings to visit you. Perhaps next month I will ask for time to holiday with you in Wiltshire. It seems forever ago since I last road a train.

You will not believe what just happened as I walked the Lady Bennet's Saluki, King ...
Character Author: Victoria Beaty Est. 2014
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