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Jack the Ripper - Lead-In
How It Begins
The year is 1888 and you have been having a marvelous time walking the streets of London. Your group is one of several scavenger hunting parties that just a few hours ago were feasting at the home of Edward Gorman, a wealthy aristocrat. It was a large party, attended by many important Londoners. The food was exquisite and the conversation was stimulating but the anticipation was evident in every partygoer's eyes. Edward Gorman is well known for his lavish parties and this particular annual party leading up to a grand hunt, known as the Gorman Hunt, is one of the most talked about events of the year. Party patrons could barely contain themselves as they poured into the streets.

Now, as the night wanes on, your group has done very well with only a single item remaining from your list, no small task considering the amount of spirits that have been consumed along the way. The last item on your list is a scorched red brick and one of your fellow scavenger hunters point to a nearby, abandoned warehouse. He seems quite sure this warehouse will have the item you seek.

You are not alone when you voice your concerns about playing in this area of London, only a few short blocks away from Whitechapel. You are also not alone in noting how black the depths of this building seem as you peer into the open doorway. But after a few friendly jibes and some confident bravado, you and your fellow hunters are bolstered and enter the warehouse.

Upon entering the cavernous building, it is immediately evident that bricks of several shades do litter nearly every room. While everyone's confidence is rising, your party continually fails to produce the scorched brick as you search from one large room to the next. Even so, your group's excitement is growing ever stronger, knowing that you are only one item away from claiming victory over the Gorman Hunt.

As you move near the center of this giant building, success is found at last. One of your party members shouts, "Here! I have found it! We have the scorched red brick!" A cheer rises from all but is quickly silenced by the sound of a blood curdling scream. Then you hear the slamming of a large, heavy door.

The scattered, frightened party regroups where you had entered the room only to find the door shut. Lying on the floor between you and the door is one of the women from your jolly group. Her white dress is ruined as the blossoming red hints at what has happened. Her face portrays desperation as she lays upon the stone floor.

She manages one warning before breath leaves her, "The Ripper!"

Your entire party knows exactly what maniac she names with her dying words. The horror of Jack the Ripper covers the pages of every newspaper in the world. The story of the Whitechapel Murderer is used against children to get chores done and bed times followed. Shops close earlier and no one travels the streets alone if they can avoid it. Yes, you all know of the monster that calls himself Leather Apron.

Things only get worse as you attempt to escape; after checking all the doors in this huge, dark room, you realize that the monster is not only here with you but is likely one of you.
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