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July 06, 2015 07:35 pm CDT
Hello fellow dragon slayers and demon hunters! Just wanted to add in a quick blog post pointing out some recent and upcoming items.

First, we've published our third Scrap for HoP, titled What a Crappy Day. Blair Rothe is only the second main character we've introduced so far so we're really excited to get her in front of you guys. I think that this character is going be a lot of fun to torment as she tries to escape our demon infested mansion.

We also wanted to give you all a heads up that we'll be opening user accounts to the public soon. When you see the small gear icon in the upper right hand corner become a button with the word "Login", you'll know we have updated to allow for user registration. By clicking on that new Login button, you'll be able to register and subsequently login to your user account.

One of the things you'll get right away with a user account is the ability to comment on our blog posts and Scraps. Later, having a Crypt Monkey Games user account will allow you to sign up for our newsletter, receive new Scrap alerts, and it's even how you'll be able to sign up for beta testing our games. When the time comes, we hope you'll create an account and let us know what you think.

Until next time, happy gaming!
by Ty Rucker
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