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Updates for October 2015
October 14, 2015 09:24 pm CDT
Hey, Gamers! I just wanted drop a line in here real quick, too much silence from us of late. We have been busy so blog posts and Scraps are lagging behind. So very quickly, I wanted to update you guys on the wither-tos and why-fors. So let me run down a few of these items for you right now before I jump back to work.

One of the things we are working on is pitching a possible event for Geekway to the West in May of 2016, so we'll let you know how that planning and pitching goes!

As I said, I know we are late getting some new Scraps and Developer posts out there but we are working on the last bits and bobs to release user accounts and the game site for Jack the Ripper. We will try our best to get a new HoP Scrap and developer blog post out before we release these new site features but at worst, we'll have some new reading ready to go with the site update.

So finally, when is that update going to be? Our release is scheduled for Halloween! The site will go into maintenance after 11:30 PM CDT on Friday, October 30th. We'll get the site opened up to you guys again sometime in the early morning hours of October 31st and you'll be able to visit the new Jack the Ripper site and dig right into the first JtR Scrap immediately!

Plenty of exciting things coming up so we want to thank you for patience and beg just a little more from you.

If you have any request, comments, or suggestions about these upcoming features and events, be sure to use the Contact Us page to let us know. We love to hear from you guys!

Happy gaming!
by Ty Rucker
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