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JtR: Developer's Blog #1
October 26, 2015 07:51 pm CDT
Blog for  Jack the Ripper 
It's finally here!

The Jack the Ripper game site is open to the public and we couldn't be more excited. And on Halloween day! What a perfect time to open Jack's site! It has been quite a journey to get to this point and we have a few more miles to travel but we are getting there. And now, you guys can get involved too and let us know what you think, what you'd like to know, and whether or not these ideas sound exciting to you too.

How It Started

Jack the Ripper is a game that I have had to honor of building with my friends Anthony Morris, John Watson, and James Paul Gaugh. We've worked hard to get the game to this point and it has been a labor of love. I'm grateful that the guys have trusted Crypt Monkey Studios to run with this project and see just how far we can take it. With the help of you gamers out there, I'm sure we'll take it far.

State of the Game

Currently Jack the Ripper, or JtR, is nearing the end of beta testing. We have less than a handful of game dynamics to put to the test and, barring any horrible results from that testing, the game itself will be done then. You'll notice on the JtR home page that we're also in the artwork phase, so lots of exciting things going on for Jack at the moment.

What's Next?

In anticipation of having Jack production ready, we'd like to have at least one pre-release event. JtR designer James Paul Gaugh reminded us a few weeks ago that the Geekway to the West board game convention isn't far off. It just makes sense that we should start out with a gaming convention local to St. Louis, so we have proposed our preview event to the good folks at Geekway to the West and we'll find out soon what their thoughts on the event are. More on that later!


As with all Crypt Monkey Studios games, Jack the Ripper will have its own set of Scraps. The outlines currently discussed include thirteen Scraps for each character in JtR. So we can look forward to at least sixty-five Scraps, more if the interest is there after the first set of stories has been told.

Already you can go to the Scraps section and read the first two JtR Scraps. As always, we suggest you read The Lead-In story to the game first so you have some starting context for the rest of the Scraps. Now that we have user accounts, you can create an account to gain the ability to leave comments on Scraps and blog posts. And please do! We want to hear from you!

We Need You!

As with all great adventures, it's a lot more fun with a group. We're doing what we can to come up with a game that gamers like ourselves will enjoy but we need your input. So don't hesitate to speak up in comments for our blog posts and Scraps and even by contacting us with your thoughts and questions. We're listening, you just have to speak up.

Happy Gaming!
by Ty Rucker
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