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JtR: Developer's Blog #3
March 25, 2016 11:41 pm CDT
Blog for  Jack the Ripper 
Hey-hey! We got a bunch of our Geekway to the West giveaway merchandise in! So it's time to start talking about our Informal Events for this con. It is important to note that we also have at least one Attendee-run Event at Geekway that we'll announce just as soon as we can. The difference is simply this:

  • For Attendee-run Events, you'll use Geekway's Event Brite to sign up to get in on the fun just like you do for the Official Geekway Events.

  • For these Informal Events, you'll learn about them from one of our posts and then just come find us, no sign up required!

So we have two formats that we'll be using for our Informal Events. The first format is simply planned and flash games of Jack the Ripper. Our flash games will come in the form of posts like, "Hey guys, we're over in Room X near the front entrance. Come find us and play a game of JtR. First person to win as Jack gets a T-Shirt!" Our planned games will be posted before Geekway so you'll know ahead of time about those games.

The second format we'll use will be a simple "come and find me" game type. We won't be hiding but we will be wandering around during these events, so you still have to seek! As with the "let's play some JtR" events, these will be both planned and flash posts.

You'll find posts about these Informal Geekway events here on, over on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we may toss a post on some other sites too. In fact, next week we'll post our first planned "come find me" game either here on the games site or over on our Facebook page.

Finally, as promised, we have a preview of the T-Shirts we'll be giving out at Geekway to the West over on our Facebook page. Go have a peek and let us know what you think.

Happy Gaming!
by Ty Rucker
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