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Introducing the HoP Primary Artist
January 07, 2018 08:01 pm CST
Blog for  House of Possession 
In the next several weeks, we’ll be opening the Kickstarter for House of Possession. So, I thought this was a wonderful time to introduce the Primary Artist for this project, Alejandro Castillo.

A few months ago, we sent out a request for artist submissions to help us finish our House of Possession game. During this process, we considered over forty artists from around the world.

As we worked to narrow down the many-many talented candidates over several days, the same name came up at nearly every meeting to discuss the HoP Primary Artist, Alejandro Castillo. So, while our decision was still very difficult, it was no surprise to our team when Alejandro made the final three cut and subsequently became our pick for the position.




HoP Primary Artist: Alejandro Castillo


Alejandro Castillo is an outstanding Artist from Chili. He and his wife are the proud parents of a lovely and imaginative 9-year-old daughter. Alejandro’s Mother’s family is German, and he says he inherited an interest in board games from his Grandmother.



Alejandro studied Graphic Design and specialized in Digital Illustration. He also learned traditional and 3D sculpture. And he’s not only an Artist, he also loves developing games and toys. This shows whenever we need something changed, Alejandro always understands what we are looking for and turns around the change super-fast! So we see firsthand the insight he has for game design and theme.

We hope you enjoy the preview images you see in this blog post, these are just some of the great work that Alejandro has done for House of possession.

If you would like to see more work from Alejandro Castillo, you can visit his portfolio at and of course you’ll see a lot of it real soon in our latest primer game, House of Possession!

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by Ty Rucker
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