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Game Findr KickStarter
March 30, 2015 12:40 am CDT
We here at Crypt Monkey Studios are very excited about a new app called Game Findr that is picking up steam over at Kickstarter right now. Like a handful of magic beans, we tossed our meager couch change into the can and hope that, as a result, there will be a new world order in the way we all find our games.
Game Findr is an app that lets you find table top games in your area or bring other players to your table by “sending up a flare”. No more driving to the game store hoping that you can grab a seat, you’ll know before you ever leave your house.

According to the super passionate brain-daddy of Game Findr, Jeremy Hambly, there is already a working version of the app. The Kickstarter they are running is intended to fund the addition of some new features like feedback on other players and an LGS finder. They are also going to divvy up some of those funds for marketing costs in order to boost the release of this free app. That’s very important because the more people that jump in with Game Findr, the easier it will be to find a game. Hey, it’s a real life LFG so you’ve got to have people out there listening, right!

I personally can’t wait to use Game Findr to go out and find a group in the wild to play a Crypt Monkey game with! And right out of the box they are already supporting a ton of other games. If this sounds interesting to you too, dig some change out of your own couch cache and head over to Kickstarter to check them out.

Learn about Game Findr HERE.
Learn about the Game Findr Kickstarter HERE.
by Ty Rucker
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