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Character: Blair Rothe
What To Do?
The old man craned his neck sharply and began breathing rapidly, his chest rising and falling with each breath. He must have caught wind of new prey when he sniffed the air because he turned his body square in the direction of Blair. He had a cane that she hadn't noticed before and he pounded it into the floor hard as he faced her.

The thick, black spittle hanging from his chin swayed and trembled as the old man turned his head from left to right. He seemed to be searching for a glimpse of her that he could never have with his dead white eyes. Centering the shiny, black cane in front him, he rested both of his pale, spotted hands on the grip and relaxed his shoulders.

The sticky sludge that oozed from the corners of his mouth spattered the carpet in front of him as he spoke. "I can't see you but I know you're there." His voice was thick and cracked but sounded like it should come from a much larger man. "And when I get my fingers wrapped around your pretty little neck..." The old man raised one arthritic fist before him and smiled for just a moment, then the smile blurred into a pinched expression of fury as he spat violently, "I'll start with your cheeks! You hear that you mousy little twit, I'm going to eat your face while you watch!"

Blair began to back away slowly, desperately trying not to scream. Her head ached with a pounding that matched her racing heart. The old man didn't look like he would be running the one hundred meter dash anytime soon but Blair felt that this was part of some elaborate lie. Everything about him was wrong, even his blindness. It should have been the most defining factor in what made him seem weak, and yet he very clearly knew she was there.

"It's like he's a badger that plays possum just to draw in prey." She thought to herself as she continued to back away. At any moment, she felt he would be on her.

The old man raised his head again but this time his expression was quizzical. Blair took another step back and barely had time to ponder what might have caused his curious expression; from the corner of her left eye she saw the outline of an open door and, standing in the door, a large, blue shape watched her. With her feet frozen in place, Blair slowly turned her head to see what the blue behemoth beside her was.

The blob of a creature that stood before her seemed initially imposing and frightening. It was at least six feet tall and so fat around its naked, blue skinned middle that mere inches separated it from the door frame on each side.

Before she could react to her initial terror, Blair noticed the fat, wrinkled face. It was somehow innocent and childlike, the face of a frightened baby. It was weird to see a baby's face pasted to the bluntly pointed head, perched no-necked atop the large blue blob of a body. Short legs and arms sprouted from its plump trunk and Blair knew that this creature couldn't be very fast moving.

The huge infant held its chubby hands in front of its chest, wiggling the fingers together nervously. It swallowed hard and raised one shushing finger to its pursed lips, begging Blair to be quiet. Then it gently motioned for her to enter the room with the other pudgy hand, its frightened eyes darting occasionally to the old man. It didn't move to attack but instead pleaded for her to enter.

Blair looked towards the old man, still leaning on his cane and looking somewhat puzzled. Then she looked back to the seemingly innocent shape standing near her, trying to quiet her while coaxing her into the room.

Standing between the terrifying old man and the giant blue baby, Blair wasn't sure what to do. In any case, she would have to make a decision fast, the old man looked like he was about to start moving and behind her there were screams getting closer.
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Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
Added by Ty Rucker for House of Possession
We hope you enjoy Blair's torture as much as we do and, as always, let us know what you think!
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