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Character: Mark Vinter
Green with Grey Flecks
The door was only about six feet away. I lunged for the doorknob and heard the wet, sloppy sound of the lobster man's lazy foot sliding into the room. I remember thinking, if the creature is in the room with me, I am done. He would have me.

I instantly pushed that thought from my mind and made the final reach for the doorknob. It seemed so far away and my arms and legs felt weaker than they should, as if I were attempting to sprint through a chest deep pool of water.

Finally my hand wrapped around the knob, it seemed as if too many seconds had passed since the demon's wet stump of a foot had slid into the room. I imagined the lobster man floating gently and slowly through the air across the room towards me as I comically ran in place flailing for the doorknob that remained permanently out of reach.

"Wait." A man's voice rose from the darkness, deep and commanding. I jumped back from the doorknob as if it had shocked me and pressed my back against the wall beside the door. The demonic crustacean across the room from me had stopped its pursuit as well and seemed nearly as surprised as I was. It wasn't looking at me anymore, its heart shaped head was facing somewhere off to my left.

I followed the gray lobster's gaze to the corner of the room and saw the silhouette of a tall man sitting in a cattycorner chair. His eyes seemed to reflect the little bit of light in the room the way a cats eyes will. I could even tell what color his eyes were, green with floating flecks of grey. He looked like a large Mennonite sitting in the corner. His hat was large, black, and flat brimmed. He wore a black suit with a white dress shirt and I think he had big black boots on too.

The tall man leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands together like he was about to pray. The dim light reached his face and I could see that his nose, cheek bones, and jawline were all sharp angles that showed in contrast to the perfectly rounded brim of his hat. He looked about forty, maybe forty-five, and his hair was salt and pepper black. His appearance gave the same commanding presence that his voice had and that was emphasized when he waved one disregarding hand at the gray demon. In fact, he barely paid the monster notice at all beyond waving him off like a servant who's no longer required. I, on the other hand, had his full attention.

I looked back to the monster across the room to try and gauge his reaction to the man's disinterested motion. The creature relaxed and seemed to lean back as if he had been commanded to be at ease. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I thought, so all I had to do this whole time was tell this thing to stay?

On my left I heard the gentleman with the large, flat brimmed hat sniff long and deep at the air. I looked back to him and his eyes were closed, hiding the strange green and grey. When he finally stopped the long and exaggerated inhalation, the corners of his mouth angled up in a toothless smile.

"He smells wonderful." The man said without opening his eyes. From the corner of my eye I noticed movement, the lobster man was nodding his head in agreement. It was obvious the man wasn't talking to me.

The man opened his eyes and his smile seemed frightening now, humorless and deadly. His right hand rose and he pointed one jagged finger at me while looking at the lobster man. He spoke again and his face barely changed as that voice came out all commanding and scary. "He is mine."
There was no joy in his voice although he kept that terrible smile, and a glint of vicious glee was reflected in his eyes. I knew for sure now, this man wasn't help, he was all broken glass and bruises where I was concerned.

Well that was enough standing around for me! In a single step, I pivoted towards the door, spun the knob, and yanked it open. Apparently the lobster demon wasn't willing to jump at me without getting permission from the man first, because I didn't heard him take a step as I jumped into the hallway. I did hear the scary missionary say something though. "See you soon, Mark!"
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Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
Added by Ty Rucker for House of Possession
Oh look, Mark is making some more friends! It seems wrong to enjoy his pain and fear this much, but I can't help myself. We hope you enjoy it too!
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