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Character: Mark Vinter
First Through the Door
After chaos broke out on the roof, I ran straight for the entrance. As I ran, the same three things raced through my mind over and over again: This is crazy! - What are those things? - How could Brett do this to us?

Rushing through the third floor hallway, it occurred to me that it was taking an awful long time to get to the stairs. It hadn't seemed that far earlier as we made our way to the deck.

I could still hear horrified screams from both outside and inside the house. The distraction was awful and it must have caused me to take a wrong turn.

Desperately, I turned down the next hallway I came to. I would run through all the upstairs hallways if need be, eventually the staircase would reveal itself. At some point, I must have circled back towards the observation deck as the screams had intensified. I slowed, trying to regain my sense of direction. As I searched for a recognizable landmark, I came across a most disturbing puddle in the carpet. The walls were sprayed with the stuff too. I am quite sure it was blood.

For a moment I simply stood there, staring at the mess, wishing I had gone to The Hamptons. In my shock, I obviously hadn't been paying enough attention to my surroundings; by the time I heard it, whatever it was, it was very close. The sound was sickly and disturbing; a long, slow scraping across carpet quickly followed by a loud, wet thud. It sounded like a large, one legged man dragging a body.

That's when I noticed the door to my right. The door's black paint was cracked and aged in a way that gave it the appearance of marble. It stood in strange contrast to the old red and gold wallpaper. I opened the door as quietly as I could and cringed when I saw that it was a small and simple closet. With no time left, I stepped into the closet and pulled the door shut behind me. I knelt down to one knee and looked through the keyhole with the hopes of catching a glimpse at what was nearing.

From the keyhole, I could see the puddle of blood nearly centered on the hallway floor, a dark red stain on the handwoven brown, gold, and white carpet. I listened as the thing continued closer, rounding the corner, scraping and thudding in its terribly slow progression. My pounding heart and panting breath seemed to want to betray me, I was sure the creature would hear me hiding there. As it stepped into view, I held my breath.

First I saw its giant left foot crash into my line of site. The foot had an ashy-gray skin tone with cracked, brown and yellow toe nails. Then the creature's monstrous, crustacean like right leg came into the picture, dragging harshly through the pool of blood. As I held my breath, waiting for the monster outside my closet to continue on its way, it became apparent the creature had stopped moving. It just stood there, hovering over the blood stained carpet, swaying occasionally but without taking another step.

I could no longer hold my breath but I still feared the creature would hear me. As gently as I was able, I released my breath and willed myself to breathe in and out shallowly. Just as I felt my vision begin to clear, I was forced to catch and hold my breath again as the beast slammed two huge, gray, lobster claws into the carpet near its feat. Terrified, I watched as the elbows above the unnatural claws bent and the long, sinewy arms lowered a body I did not want to see.

The ashy-gray, lobster man lowered his heart shaped head all the way to the carpet. Its head reminded me of something like the head of a praying mantis, though the face was something closer to that of a man. Its chest and back were covered in gray and black plates that looked as rough as sandpaper and sparkled dully in the dim light.

It held its face a mere inch from the floor, lightly sniffing at the pool of blood. Then its long, slender tongue slid slowly from its mouth and gently dabbed at the pool, extracting the tiniest drop from the carpet. It shuddered with ecstasy at the taste and held its pose for a moment. Then it craned its neck upward and stared at the keyhole, looking me right in the eye.
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Scrap Author: Ty Rucker
Added by Ty Rucker for House of Possession
Hope you enjoy this first Scrap for HoP! Check back for more scraps about Mark Vinter and see what happens to him next.
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